Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Dental Implants and 3-D Imaging

Dental implants offer a stable alternative to traditional restorations for missing teeth. Advancements in dental implantology include the introduction of 3-dimensional imaging. But what are the advantages of this form of imaging and how can it help you get the best care possible for dental implants?

What is 3-D Imaging?

3-dimensional imaging is a process that produces a detailed, computer-generated, three-dimensional image of a patient’s mouth. A dental 3-D scan allows dental care providers to view the structures of the mouth and jaw from different angles. The images identify specific areas in need of treatment, but also allow Drs. Spence to avoid other areas that do not require treatment, thereby more planning and delivering the appropriate dental therapy a more accurate process.

3-D Imaging and Implants

Getting a dental implant involves surgically placing a small titanium post into bone in the jaw. Implants are a unique method of replacing teeth, as they are placed at the location of the natural root. Because all angles of the implantation area can be observed with 3-D scanning, the chances of successfully establishing the best possible location for the implant are greatly improved.

In this way, Drs. Spence can better plan the procedure in advance, with fewer delays in time. During your initial visit, a 3-D image will be taken to assess bone structure, density, and nerve locations. The process takes as little as 10 minutes to complete. Patients don't have to wait for results, and often the x-rays are taken in-house.

The reliability of the technology benefits both the patient and the dentist. Unnecessarily invasive treatment can be avoided, as can subsequent complications, which in turn decreases the amount of time it takes for you to get the dental implant you need.

Drs. Ken and Roxane Spence are focused on providing their patients with the best in dental care, and use 3-D imaging services as part of their implant treatment plans. Call the team at Aggieland Dental Associates and schedule your consultation today!

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